Hey guys how’s your summer. Mine i guess is ok. Not to boring not to fun but alittle more boring though. I get to invite my friends over. And i go over to partys and such. I’m bored right now. 3 things i love about summer and what i hate about summer.
What i love about summer

  1. No school
  2. Get to sleep in late
  3. No work

What i hate about summer

  1. It’s hot out
  2. Have to babysit my bro’s
  3. I have to help around the house since I’m free

I sometimes wish though school started already. Other times I’m glad it’s summer. Mixed feelings about summer


Fan mail

OK if i ask people that got fan mail, questions like i did on a website of a person who got an autograph. Anyway if i ask you questions its because I’m new at this stuff and I’m just making sure that I’m doing it correctly and i may look up online to to see what i have to do. OK just clarifying so that you guys know.

Ho ho ho merry xmas

Christmas is just around the corner

And I know that I’ll probably be busy and all

Things big things happened with me and things will get better for me and all of us because I know that everyone has a good side deep down they just don’t want to show it and I hope that one day the world will become better and god will show us the bad ways of our errors and show and teach us to be good and always show us the path of good.


Hopefully until then all we can do is hope and maybe the world will get better. Merry Christmas


Sorry i havent been blogging. You have no idea what im going through. Anyway im going to start blogging more starting tommorro and hopefully ill get more viewz. I really need to catch up on my blogging. Ive been So busy i totally forget to blog. I havent blogged in a while so let me work my magic and everything will be ok